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The Radical Larder currently offers a variety of services to fit your schedule and your needs in order to make eating at home a pleasurable experience. Try one of our services today!

The blog and recipes you will find on The Radical Larder focus on bringing the best out of the tools and ingredients you already have in your kitchen by recommending our particular style of organization and preparation. Then we seek to enhance your home cooking experience whether it happens through the addition of certain spices and ingredients or tools to make cooking easier for you.

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The Radical Larder aims to help you make the most of your home dining experiences. Whether you like to cook but lack time or simply want to learn more about meal planning and preparation, there’s something for everyone.

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Our products are made with the freshest ingredients and are designed to elevate the food you cook at home. Sauces, marinades and accompaniments enhance meals you prepare at home. Try a trio with accompanying meal ideas or purchase a la carte. Makes a great gift!

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Thursday, March 16, 2017
In very exciting news, The Radical Larder has partnered with Ipsento 606 to do an evening food program from 5-10pm Wednesday-Sunday evenings.
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Monday, January 11, 2016
This savory oatmeal tastes like broccoli with creamy cheddar cheese without any gluten, dairy, soy or added sugar. It’s a great way to start your day that will fill you up but also leave you feeling energized rather than sluggish.
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Kevin & Lynne K
Edgewater, Chicago
"Chef Meagan was easy to work with and brought a calm demeanor into our kitchen. We had a dinner party for 10 people in our home and were impressed with how fresh and delicious everything was. She did a pie crust demonstration and provided recipes for us and our guests. Overall a wonderful experience."